I also offer three various private session styles which I call Super Sweat, Inner Peace, and Sweet Release. These are suitable for one-on-ones or private groups. I can tailor any of these styles to meet your specific needs. These sessions can be scheduled with me directly and held at the W Resort in Vieques, or at Hix Island House. Depending on the time and location, I can also come to you.

Super Sweat!: This is designed for those beauties that want to really stretch and do strong poses, turn up that heat in the body, get the heart pumping for life, twist and wring it all out. This is a high energy class with challenging poses to transform your mind and body.

Inner Peace: Learn the art of simple self-massage and special breathing techniques for every occasion, dance through a sweet series of yoga shapes, and finish with a guided meditation you can replicate anytime you need to get back into that really good space.

Deep Release: Begin with a nourishing slow flow and chill out in a few supported hip and heart opening poses, cuddled up with bolsters, swaddled and tucked for a sweet surrender into stillness.